Two or three strings and piano

  • Minatures 4-6, Bridge, F. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Trio in G Minor, opus 8, Chopin, F. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Dumky Trio, opus 90, Dvorak, A. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Trio in D minor, Opus 120, Faur√©, G. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Trio in C Major Opus 35 No. 1, Klengel, J. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Trio in G Major Opus 35 No. 2, Klengel, J. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Piano Trio, opus 17, Schumann, C. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Fantasiestuecke Op. 88, Schumann, R. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Die Moldau Piano Trio, Smetana, B. (Violin, cello, piano)
  • Quartet for Piano, KV 478&493, Mozart, W.A. (Violin, viola, cello, piano)

String duets, trios, quartets

  • 44 Duets (Volume 1), Bartok, Bela (2 violins)
  • 44 Duets (Volume 2), Bartok, Bela (2 violins)
  • The Jungle Book, Dakin, C. (2, 3 or 4 cellos or double basses)
  • String Quartet, opus 33, Haydn, J. (2 violins, viola, cello)
  • Duetto, Rossini, G. (Cello, double bass)
  • Pastorella, Sonnleithner, C. von (2 violins, viola, cello or string orchestra)
  • Concertino per camera op. 4. 12 Suites, Torelli, G (Violin, cello)


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